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In violation of the strict laws of the Third Reich, and contrary to all reliable accounts of the realities of that time, she allegedly killed a child, individually and publicly, by shooting it in the face! Within their own sphere - in addition to the forced labour men they had fifty German railway officials under them - they saw to it strictly that the Jews were treated fairly. In my own May 1992 trial as well - even though I had never been in charge of a concentration camp but had merely written a book -the Wizenthal Machinery unfolded along the same lines as in real war crimes trials: newspaper headlines and Austrian. The former Jewish Kapo Joseph von Rijk testified: "I don't recall the name Gottfried Weise. But we do learn that when Wizenthal tried to drag. Not on their extermination. On February 28, 1991,. As do those of all Wizenthal witnesses. Wizenthal opens his chapter about the commandant of Treblinka, Franz Stangl, with a list of the items stolen from the victims (JNV.

And now it is also clear why Hitler wanted to establish a great empire in the East: Because where no people have lived before, it is presumably impossible for people to live. Did not thereby manifest any deep ties with Nazism but probably just a certain opportunism. The case was thus already cleared up in 1942. " In any nation under the rule of law, the pre-conviction of an accused by the press is considered illegal and can be punished by law, by criminal 150 charges and the confiscation of the offending newspaper. Velkommen i vores univers af førsteklasses kulturelle rejser med sjæl og substans. Therefore, I shall recapitulate: in Syria there lives a man who calls himself Georg Fischer and who Szymon Wizenthal claims is Alois Brunner. "The Jews mostly died in the first few days when the german soldiers visited the streets where the Jews lived. Wizenthal fails to realize that by making this claim he denies that the Third Reich could have wanted to "exterminate" the Jews at all.

But Wizenthal wants us to believe that once (during the war for a short time, he turned into a raging beast. 172 "The head of the South American section of the Anti-Defamation League, Rabbi Morton Rosenthal, thereupon requested an audience in order to draw the president's (with reference to the then Argentinean President Raul Alfonsin) attention to the Kutschmann case." But the organization thus specified. 78 "Considering this affidavit of Epstein's - made many years ago - one cannot help the impression that either there were no gas chambers in Treblinka at all, or else he did not know of them. Aipac sets the Israeli-American relations apart from all other relations which the United States and Israel, respectively, maintain with all other nations. He insists on the collective responsibility of the German people without considering that in a straight reversal of his arguments the Jews can then be held responsible for the policies of America and Israel, and with much greater justification, since these nations consider themselves democratic. 7-8, foreword.M. Under the laws in force today, his actions constitute incitement a thousand times over. "Everyone knew that anyone who talked was a dead man.

This book brought an initial part of those charges which were later expanded and enriched through the testimonies of other Wizenthal witnesses and which ultimately served as the foundation necessary for the persecution of the physician of Auschwitz. Bender into court 33 years later, he stood firmly by the guidelines he had drawn up so long ago. In this case as well, Wizenthal is unable to report the longed-for confession. Gerhard Jagschitz drew up for my jury trial in May 1992 (Hv 5720/90) after five years of work showed for the first time that not a single document which has been used to support the criminal charges against National Socialist Germany (including the charges pertaining. " 26 There can be no doubt that this allegation of "enormous cowardice" represents a castigation, on Wizenthal's part, of the national character of "the Germans" and "the Austrians" and thus constitutes a criminal act classified by our justice system as "incitement or "hatemongering".

On the basis of these considerations, engineer Friedl Rainer turned to an expert of an unusual kind: engineer Emil Lachout. Schaller has copies of the relevant documents in his possession) claimed that two men armed with small-caliber guns murdered 30,000 people in Treblinka per day. I love you all so much! And this acquittal brought about a turning point in Austrian jurisprudence, which finally began to see its way to more and more acquittals, despite the protest marches staged by the Wizenthalian witnesses. Nostalgia for Nazi regime.' (Liberation, Paris) Nazi shadow over Austria.' (Corriere della Sera, Milan) Austria's extreme right-wing advances.' (The Times, London) Austria - a never-ending affair.' (Die Zeit, Hamburg) More power for Hitler's heirs.' (South China Morning Post, Hong Kong) The brown shadows grow longer.'. For at kunne levere vores ydelser til dig, er vi nødt til i visse tilfælde at anvende samarbejdspartnere og leverandører uden for EU/EØS.

Their weapons: "democracy the media, the education system, contemporary history, lies, fabrications and - if necessary - murder. 1, 1992.) The insanity can only be stopped in time with help from Jewish opposition within the Imperium itself. But Wizenthal reveals more (p. 139-141, 180, 181, 186, 195 Rosenbaum, Eli 309 Rosenberg, Elias 56, 81-83, 85, 133-135 Rosenthal, Morton 160, 307 Rückerl, Adalbert 306, 307 Rudel, Hans-Ulrich 184 Rudolph, Tjudar 38 Rullmann, Hans-Peter 79, 81-83. It almost seems as though another psychological motive and concrete political aim of the Wizenthalian Hunt is to eradicate all memory of the collaboration between National Socialist Germany and the founding fathers of the state of Israel. While embassies normally serve to facilitate the forging of diplomatic ties and the maintenance of alliances on the world's political stage, the requirements of Israeli-American relations could evidently not be satisfied with just an ambassadorial arrangement: and so the two states created aipac, an institution. And as always, the hunt began with a media campaign, so that one could almost believe that all the journalists in the Western world are at Wizenthal's beck and call.


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"The old-style murderer was an outcast who, as a rule, had to cower in some hiding place and only rarely was able to enjoy the fruits of his crime. The firestorm of Dresden and the Inter-Allied Military Tribunal of Nuremberg;. ) At the time after the operation when Wizenthal requested the photo of the patient, he already knew for certain that this man was not one of the "war criminals" he was looking for. In the course of his investigations, however, Honsik came across a whole host of brave Jewish witnesses for the defense - the vast majority of whom were not granted a hearing before German courts. We have a lot of influence,. In the course of their disgusting trip, it did not occur to the two dehumanized Germans. For the second time in his life Wiesenthal was - almost like the doctor's, Next please' - waiting for his death.

On page 274 of JNV Wizenthal continues referring to himself and his small office in the "royal We". It is a noteworthy novelty that in this case a Central European was extradited, not to his own country - Austria - but to Israel, a country that did not yet even exist at the time the alleged crime was committed. At the time the book discussed here was published, Wizenthal too must have been aware of Demjanjuk's proven innocence. However, we can also doubt his technical expertise for lack of any subject qualifications on his part. Vienna, Leipzig: Paneuropa-Verlag, 1926. Heinrich Vana Lawyer The Committee thus included roughly 30 persons of Jewish extraction who are known to be either particularly biased or to belong to biased Jewish organizations.

13.) The same article continues: "By now the Americans also imitate this questionable example, for they too need a scapegoat which they can make at least partly responsible for the consequences of their unsuccessful economic policies." The agitation carried on in full view of the. "Democracy" as weapon against the people! Or so restitution fraud Wizenthal says. Fate was less kind to Wizenthal in the case of Franz Stangl, the commandant of Treblinka. " "At that time I was working fairly closely with the Austrian police. Frau Lingens evidently forgot that according to official historiography, people were "gassed" for being Jewish, not for having an infectious disease! Lowenherz, who was within their reach and of whose cooperation with Brunner they knew, of the same collaboration (in the nasty sense of the word) of which they now accuse him and others who were convinced of the Third Reich's wish to create a Jewish. The Waechter case opened the doors on a continent-spanning, eerie landscape of fraud and a worldwide manhunt whose vanguard consistently takes the form of a "media campaign". The fact that Wizenthal, whom we have to thank for this account of the juridical realities in National Socialist Germany, tries later on to devalue.

L.) The fourth miracle as well, another in the unbroken chain of divine interventions that ensured Wizenthal's deliverance, proves that Wizenthal constantly encountered noble and humane National Socialists: Nazi Kohlrautz again helped him to escape, at the risk of his own life. "One of the many oddities marking the trial of Ivan Demjanjuk is that the witnesses were not left in peace even after they had already sworn their affidavits. In this way we learn the path of the Lie - and this path is identical to the "interconnections" of Szymon's hunting party:. With the one difference that the Wannsee protocol is a forgery, whereas the Morgenthau Plan stands up to examination even by the Federal Criminal Police in Wiesbaden. Regarding the traveling habits of Israeli judges, who engage in international witness searches (as our fake court expert Jagschitz tried to deny in the May 1992 trial against me Hans Peter Rullmann tells us. Even if there were such a vast supply of murder cases in our country, and even if the detectives from the homicide squad did not write books like Wizenthal, did not give press conferences and hatemongering lectures like Wizenthal, and did not, like Wizenthal, sneak. 164, to avoid misunderstandings, he should not have used the generalization "Jewish witnesses". "Incidentally, in 1946 the American news service played a major role in the establishment of the Austria Presse Agentur' (APA and AP and Reuters proceeded to become the major foreign news suppliers to APA. The technologically highly specialized criminological institutions of the Western world, first and foremost the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden, have never been consulted to examine the foundations of our existing view of history, or of the penal legislation that shores.

Josef Mengele, had he been arraigned in court, would also have disputed the idea that Jews were murdered en masse for reasons of their race follows from a conversation which. Torture, murder, and violence against children are the order of the day. While the Wizenthal Syndicate subsequently lost the case and had to retract its allegations, the Austrian media saw fit to hush the matter. And yet he himself is highly touchy and oversensitive when others do the same: for example, he alleges that the liberal local party representative from Bad. He should come round at once." (JNV. 100 x 7 1,700 In view of the calculations to follow, I have to second the Austrian ex-Chancellor. Ever since 1945, Easter and Christmas cards had crossed the "Big Pond" from both sides every year - small testimonials of humanity and friendship between different peoples.

Again, the alleged criminal deviates from Wizenthal's blueprint which claims that the Nazis lived like lords in Latin America, wallowing in money stolen from their victims. Internationale overførsler af dine personoplysninger Grundet naturen af nilles Rejsers virksomhed vil dine personoplysninger kunne overføres til lande uden for EU/EØS i forbindelse med bestilling af en rejse hos. "In eastern Europe there was scarcely a spot where the Germans had not committed some crime." (.JNV. Wizenthal takes that risk. I would certainly have remembered that." 103.

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Roman Catholic priests, especially Franciscans, helped Odessa channel its fugitives from one monastery to the next, until they were received by the Caritas organization in Rome. ) are looking increasingly juvenile. It did not hesitate to supplement its coverage of the discharge of the German Minister of Defense Stoltenberg with pictures of night-time National Socialist march-ups." (FAZ, August 4, 1992.) The article's author, Günter Gillesen, reported with discouragement that Germany was to contribute four million Deutschmarks. Analyzing Wiesenthal's profession of German ethnicity - a temporary one, dictated by material interests - is quite revealing. The American armed forces stand in reserve, ready to be deployed anywhere in the world to fight for the Imperium's interests. 112.) That this wasn't a matter of trading postage stamps with the statelicensed American "Nazi hunter" is quite clear. It is high time - and I am saying this with an awareness of the as yet unheard and unheeded Jewish witnesses for the defense - that the silent Jewish majority also be given a hearing at long last. De formål, der er beskrevet ovenfor, (4) opfyldelse af en retlig forpligtelse, som nilles Rejser er pålagt, (5) beskyttelse af dine eller en anden fysisk persons vitale interesser, (6)  behandlingen er nødvendig, for at et retskrav kan fastlægges, gøres gældende eller forsvares, og (7) behandlingen. If his theory had been followed, all the Nazi murderers should have been allowed to live on in their villas in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay." Eichmann was sentenced to death in Israel without the world ever learning what he had really said in that. Wizenthal tries his "hand strip search and interrogation!

A hay loft, therefore, was our heroic wannabe-Major's hiding place - but he did not have to bide there until mid-February to be discovered by the Gestapo; he was already apprehended on January 13 of that same year. In later Restitution campaigns he remembers that his mother tongue is Yiddish, and at that point his German and Polish mother tongues have lost their prominence (cf Document. Since it is a fact that to date only two documents of the "gas chamber lobby" could be examined by the Federal Criminal Police Office in Wiesbaden or a comparable institution - and that in both cases (Demjanjuk and Wizenthal - Basta, see. Publishers from several countries apologized to Verbelen, saying that they would no longer be able to publish his books. 2820) in my possession, I can share with you, my reader, the fact that Wizenthal has kept a heroic aspect of his war activities from us for decades: his role as partisan Major. And the foundation of this reconciliation are Truth and Justice. Hottl, the key incriminating witness of Nuremberg, today enjoys a peaceful retirement in Altaussee, and no doubt he has his "efforts on behalf of the gas chambers" to thank for this happy state of affairs. He would be no more than just an evil old man - if, that is, his work did not bear witness to the intentions of the Jewish-American Imperium in Germany and Europe over the past half-century; it is this Imperium whose cultural and political will. 5.2, administration af leverandør- og samarbejdsforhold, nilles Rejser behandler dine personoplysninger i forbindelse medadministration af leverandør- og/eller samarbejdsforhold, hvor du er leverandør eller samarbejdspartner eller er kontaktperson hos en leverandør eller en samarbejdspartner, som nilles Rejser arbejder sammen med som led i driften af vores.

The account given of it has been distorted by Wizenthal. "At this point the Holocaust also comes into play. Anyone is free to call Wizenthal a perjurious liar. Edizioni di Ar Padova. I want to mention at the outset that the conversations Wizenthal repeats for us all seem to me to sound much like excerpts from the novels of Karl May, whose books Wizenthal has surely read and whose style no doubt adds a subconscious coloring. Since I am fighting Wizenthal's machinations with every means at my disposal, I have personally incurred this man's wrath. I sådanne tilfælde vil overførslen af oplysningerne ske med hjemmel i databeskyttelsesforordningens artikel 49, 1 (b da overførslen af dine personoplysninger til det pågældende land er nødvendig af hensyn til opfyldelse af kontrakten mellem dig og nilles Rejser (bestillingen af din rejse) eller af hensyn. 344 But if Coudenhove's unconcealed plan for the creation of a race of subhumans to populate Europe should not be the concept underlying the malicious migration patterns we see going on these days on the Continent, then I ask: what is? A worse disgrace for the world's Jews than this spiteful and imprudent confession by a patently sick man is hard to imagine. Commenced (April-May 1992 the Austrian press falsely claimed that academically accredited engineer Walter Lüftl, the President of the Austrian Chamber of Engineers, a man held in the highest esteem both professionally and as an individual, had slipped me some excerpts from a private report.

To briefly summarize the case: In 1973 a Polish criminal who had rented rooms in Frank Walus' house invited Walus on a trip to Austria where he wanted to introduce him to an Austrian detective (a stamp collector like Walus himself). "Waldheim, who had become UN Secretary General upon Kreisky's proposal, had in that post simply followed the policy which is propagated by the Sun King' to this day: the prime objective of Austria's Middle East policy is not security or recognition for the state. All I want is that he should evaluate and combat the crimes committed in those earlier years at the places where he stayed, fairly and by objective criteria, and without an eye to race or religion. Karl Böhm and Herbert von Karajan had succeeded in persuading these conductors to agree to include works by American composers in their future repertoires." (Wagnleitner,. The seriously war-disabled pensioner Gottfried Weise, sentenced for alleged five-fold brutal murder to multiple lifetime prison terms on the basis of one single, patently false claim of a Jewish witness, was exonerated by a total of 20 witnesses, most of them former Jewish concentration camp. ) After this flood of vile outbursts, all of which clearly express Wizenthal's hatred of all things German, his contempt for the German national character, and his efforts on behalf of the collective responsibility of the grandchildren's generation, we need no further evidence for his. So let's summarize: with the aid of his ex-secretary, Wizenthal has instigated a campaign in whose course defamatory claims were made against a deceased.

That he did not believe in the existence of a world-encompassing "conspiracy" to recruit false witnesses. Der Fall Demjanjuk: Unschuldiger oder Massenmörder? This is a case of the culprit stepping into the prosecutor's shoes and accusing the victim. We know from history that the Germans got cocky when they were strong." Indeed, we have little of the Israeli Jews' humility. By pointing out that "Moscow would not have profited" from the assassination of the Pope, the FAZ poses the unspoken question, who could have profited from a Muslim's murder of a Roman-Catholic Pope? That end justifies any and every means, no matter how criminal: "guest workers "refugees "Basic Law "humanity" - these are only the fig leaves behind which the genocidal anti-German plan has hidden since the 1960s. The Wizenthal Syndicate indicated to the Chilean President Pinochet that it would reveal the identity of his son, who was living in the United States under an assumed name. But as it was, our parliamentarians blundered squarely into Wizenthal's trap, whose closing consists of our Representatives having to realize some day that the Second Austrian Republic is the only country on earth to have turned the trick of two Baltic Jews. 330.) That I called Szymon Wizenthal a murderer.

Bender was acquitted and continues to work as attorney in the Federal Republic of Germany. This was the same time for which semi-official historiography alleges the beginning of the "gassing of Jews" and claims that this Zyklon B was diverted from its original purpose, namely 141 the crucial disinfestation of the camps, and was used instead to commit mass murder. That Professor Schneider is a "dead man". This "evidence" was only later to be ordered from Moscow, in writing, by Elie Wiesel, the "Nobel Peace Prize" laureate whom Professor Robert Faurisson has exposed as notorious liar and propaganda advocate of the destruction-by-immigration of the closed German settlement region. For there are only two ways out of this trap in which the evil old man has caught himself with that sentence: Either fully six million "extra" Jews died in the concentration camps of the typhus epidemic, above and beyond the six million alleged "gassees". "In many instances, however, the assistance of the Church went far beyond the mere toleration of aid committees and actually amounted to abetting criminals." (JNV. And this is a warning to all those who made Wizenthal possible: namely, that the injustice of generalization and the charge of collective guilt against "the Germans" may one day be used as a lethal weapon against the Jewish people as well, merely by reversal. Til brug for bestilling af dine udflugter, transfers.

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Was used by Wizenthal and his accomplices and stooges to stage an unsavory comedy. Weinzierl actually portrayed herself as a kovaa naintia helsinki escort liar and forger, and has had to bear these labels meekly ever since. I was supposed to help locate SS officers in hiding, and hunted Nazis. 164: "To the German court dealing with the crimes in Treblinka, Epstein was such a fishy witness that the court dispensed with swearing him. Thus, Wizenthal's inability to explain matters in relation to Treblinka (where we still lack any and all evidence for the existence of a mass grave accommodating a million people on an area the size of a football field) expands to include his inability to explain.